Carpe diem

"All I ask is good lands and a spacious house, with hills behind and a flowing stream in front, ringed with ponds or pools, set about with bamboos and trees, a vegetable garden to the south, an orchard to the north… Then with two or three companions of philosophic bent discuss The Way or study some book. And so ramble through life at ease, with a cursory glance at heaven and earth and all that lies between, free from the censure of my fellowmen."


Scott is a landscape photographer who’s been out and about capturing Zen moments in nature for the last twenty-years or so. his art is a mix of his physical and spiritual worlds, somewhere between realism and surrealism.

“When I’m traveling and I'm out in nature, I’m in less familiar territory, thus it keeps me in the present moment… just the creator’s work and me. I’m so blessed and grateful just to be shown such amazing beauty and places. So these are very much my 'NOW' moments.”

“Photography is my way of sharing these moments as I venture from one place to another. I have no words to describe such beauty, so I let the camera do it for me.”