Night Swimming

The seeds of nature and wilderness, through road trips, camping, hiking etc, that my father planted within me have had me running and searching, and going stir-crazy when I can't get out, for as long as I can remember. These seeds have taken me to many wonderfully beautiful places. But there's one "place" that just seems to top them all.

It wasn't long after seeing many incredible photographs of the Milky Way and night sky that I knew I wanted to go "there". So in the summer of 2015, I did. I signed up for one of Dave Morrow's workshops and off we went.

For a little over a week, through Washington and Oregon, we dodged and danced around several of the big wildfires burning in the Northwest. Daily we had to re-route our plans in search of clear skies void of smoke. I cannot say enough about the job Dave did to find us those clear skies each and every night.

And so it was, here on this adventure, that I finally found that one place that for me tops them all as far as that search for inner peace goes. That one place is so enormous that we very well may either take it for granted, or actually not see it at all. That one place is the night sky. If you're lucky enough to find clear skies away from all the noise and light pollution, do yourself a favor and, with an empty mind, simply lay back and look up.

And so it was, as in this photo on the shores of Todd Lake, that I laid back and watched the stars fall out of the sky and into the lake for their nightly swim.