About the Artist - Scott Allan

Scott Allan's a landscape photographer who's been out and about capturing magical moments in nature for the last twenty-years or so. 

"I tell friends that all I do is go to beautiful places and push the button on top of my camera. Then, in the digital darkroom, I create my art. But the entire process really starts long before I pack my backpack and head out the door. It starts with my vision for what I want to create, and the best way to go about getting that. Yet I also don't like to "plan" too much, but rather let the scene reveal itself to me in it's most raw form at that moment."

“When I'm out in nature and traveling in less familiar territory, and it's just the creator's work and me, I find I'm more aware and completely in awe of that NOW moment and all that it contains, including my true self. And it's here where I find my passion and calling."

"I’m so blessed and grateful to be able to experience such amazing beauty and places. Photography is my way of sharing these moments as I venture from one place to another. And having no words to describe such beauty, I let the camera do it for me.

Welcome to my journey."