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~ Beginning & Intermediate Post-Processing Training ~

Photoshop doesn't have to be the big bad intimidating monster that many new photographers think it is. As photographers we'll never use 90+% of the program. I can show you how to get amazing results from simply using the same half-dozen(ish) tools/techniques every time.

Let me show you how to make your photos pop.

I'll show you exactly what I do. Among other things, we'll dive into ACR (Adobe Camera Raw is basically the same thing as Lightroom without the cataloging), Photoshop, and third-party plug-ins. In the last few years of searching out the best training, I've spent thousands of dollars and as many hours learning and fine-tuning a highly effective and simple method of post-processing from start to finish. Let me save you time and money and in just a few hours move you several years down the road in your post-processing work.

Some of the topics we'll cover include... Shooting in RAW, Non-destructive editing, Layers & Masks; Dodging & Burning; Photoshop overview; Tools in the Tool Palette; Noise Reduction & Sharpening; File types; Blending Modes; My favorite tips and tricks and personal settings; Third-party plug-ins; Adding Textures the right way for depth and an artistic touch; As well as covering any other questions you have!

* If you're not sure whether this is for you or not, or have any questions at all, let's grab a coffee, talk shop, and figure out where you're at on this journey, what's next and where you want to get, and the best and fastest way to get there. Together we can easily customize a plan just for you!

Contact me for this free consultation. 

Package 1 - 

1-on-1 in person post-processing instruction. $50 per hour.

Minimum of 2 hours suggested per session.

Package 2 -

From start to finish... Including an in-field photography outing (approximately two - three hours at an amazing location) where we go over getting the best file in-camera, composition, light,  exposure, filters and other helpful accessories (as well as which ones you won't need), and more.

PLUS a two-hour, post processing session. $200

Package 3 -

Let's do the above in one of the most stunning areas there is, Glacier National Park.

Contact me for time and cost options.

* All Post Processing training sessions are local to the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area. If you're interested in having me come to you out of this area, please contact me to discuss additional fees due to travel etc.

Other Services -

Please contact me for a free consultation.

• Portraits

• Families

• Seniors

• Pets